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                • Wison Group

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                • Wison Offshore & Marine

                Wison 200K LNG Carrier Granted AiP by DNV GL

                Release time:2020-04-30

                Shanghai, China (30th April, 2020) - Wison Offshore & Marine (“WOM”) today announced that its innovative 200K LNG Carrier (“200K-LNGC”) design received Approval in Principle from DNV GL.


                To meet emerging demands from Ship owners and LNG infrastructure companies for an enhanced cargo capacity and greater efficiency, Wison’s 200K LNGC featuring better performance and forward-thinking design, demonstrates our belief in the future development of the LNG market.


                Wison’s 200K LNGC with an overall length of 300 meters holds 200,000 cubic meters cargo capacity (Mark-III FLEX membrane tank). WinGD6×72DF dual-fuel engine with lower emission of NOx, SOx, and PM is designed to fit most harbors in Emission Control Areas (ECA).



                “We are very proud to cooperate with DNV GL, GTT, and MARIC in the 200K LNGC concept design, which extends our product pipeline in floating LNG industry and also meets the future market demand”, commented Mr. An Wenxin, Chief Operating Officer of WOM, “With our strengthening collaboration with partners along the industrial chain, and sustained investment in LNG trading and floating LNG infrastructure operation, WOM is dedicated to providing our customers with ONE-STOP-SERVICE in LNG industry.”